Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finding My Style...

Spring has sprung here in Central Texas! The wildflowers are in full bloom, the weather is sunny and perfect, and fields are being planted all over. Our Family loves this time of year. Endless evening hours are spent outside together. We plant our garden, play in the yard, grill supper, and just enjoy each other. In a stroke of luck I placed a winning bid on a family photo shoot at a crop for Relay for Life. With the clock ticking on cooler weather, bluebonnets, and available weekends this Sunday is the day. Preparing for all 5 of us is getting interesting. Each of us is so unique with our own sense of style and tastes getting us to "match" but keep our personality has proven to be more of a challenge than I had originally anticipated.

Choosing my own outfits has made me wonder about my style and what it really is? Is it Shabby Chic, Modern, Traditional, or all of the above? In the end I have decided it just depends on my mood and what I have found to inspire me at any given moment.

Right now my style and personality is in love with:

1. Damask Backgrounds:

I am in love with using Two-Step Backgrounds stamp set! With this stamp set I can customize the print to match any color scheme. Two-Step Backgrounds is a must have set! Purchase it here.

My go to colors are:
Use them alone, all together, or with any neutral! Stock up on them because I bet you will reach for them over and over again!

Graphics I can not get enough of...
The Hope for Japan Stamp set is so me. I love the hearts, swirls, and flowers; it only cost 5 bucks; and it is being sold for a very charitable cause!!! Close To My Heart will donate 100% of the profits to the American Red Cross efforts in Japan. So me! Get it here.

Who knows what I will wear come Sunday but in the end it really will not matter. I will have captured memories of this point in our life's. Smiles, laughter, and small moments I will cherish, share and love. For me that's what really matters the most, and I just can wait!

P.S. Please pray that our 16 year old son, our 5 year old daughter, and our 2 year old crazy maniac son will all cooperate & smile at the same time!

***** UPDATE: The kids were great! I can not wait to see the final results! All 3 smiled, and played along. I guess when you tell them they are off the hook for Mother's Day if these come out nice everyone does there part. I am such a blessed Mom and I could not be more grateful for the family I have and the memories we are creating!*****

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