Saturday, July 30, 2011


Maybe you are smiling and loving where you are in you life. Maybe you are hiding, scared to really reach out and make your dreams come true. Maybe you feel a little bit of both. Guess what, I am a little bit of both. I love my life, I love my family, and I can not imagine where else I would be. Yet on the other hand I am scared. I know who I am, and for the most part of who I want to be. Now is the time for me to act, for me to really jump into life with BOTH feet.

Could life scream at me any louder?? Not so random, random emails, songs on the radio, silly little horoscopes I usually ignore, out of the blue phone calls, even a Facebook Video Post that I never actually watch, all of it yelling at the top of the mountain "Chandel!!! Now is the time to start believing."

What is keeping me from believing? Fear. Specifically the fear of failure. If not checked, the fear of failure can overwhelm us to the point of inactivity, and it has. Rather than putting forth the necessary effort to succeed, I have avoided facing this fear by doing nothing, which is much more comfortable.

But that comfortable road of inactivity is very crowded with everyone else who is also being comfortable, making it impossible for me to move forward. In order to progress, I need to try something new, put myself out there, risk a little, and do something.

So now that I know where my heart and head stand I am going to try something new, I am going to put myself out there, risk a little and I am going to do something.....

I am going to be me. I am going to chase my hopes and dreams with out letting the fear overwhelm me. I am going to show this world who I am and what I have to offer. Are you ready for me? Are you ready to share in this crazy ride we call life with me? I hope so, because I AM READY to share it with YOU. I am going to believe that right here right now this is where I am supposed to be, and that this is where I am supposed to be headed.

P.S. If you are feeling the same way please take the quick second to listen to this
But please don't just listen hear the message, feel the message, believe the message. Listen to it a thousand times if you have to, but in the end believe.

(*HUGS* and many thanks to a wonderful woman who sent this my way.)

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